When an ancient Celtic god, Lugh of the Long Hand, decides to recapture his earthly power, he targets an unsuspecting New Yorker, Tony Fellows, as his contemporary messiah. By infiltrating Tony’s dreams, orchestrating a series of personal crises, and steering him into a barrage of sexual and spiritual awakenings, Lugh succeeds in disarming Tony’s once-solid grip on reality.
Seduction of a Wanton Dreamer: A Fable
What follows is a mesmerizing journey through past, present, future, and the cracks between time and space, as the new women in Tony's life lure him into a parallel universe inhabited by the ghosts of his ancestors and the mythical creatures of the Collective Unconscious.
This fable in three parts is magic realism at its finest, a mythic tale that blends tongue-in-cheek humor with a serious exploration of our history, psychology, sexuality, spirituality, and our place in the multiverse.