Former Secretary of Defense Chandler "Stonewall" Kean is found dead on his ranch in New Mexico. The Pentagon’s new top-secret spy agency, Ring Zero, sends two of its agents to investigate.

Only Stonewall’s head is found, with a mysterious brand burned into his forehead and a domino stuffed into his mouth.

There is no sign of his body.
How could anyone have gotten close enough to such a heavily guarded, high-profile person to kill him, behead him, and dispose of his body, completely undetected?

And what was the motive—personal or political?
The Ring Zero agents assigned to the case are cryptanalyst Achilles Smith and field agent Perly Lyman.

As they follow the thread of the murder to its source, they inadvertently uncover a network of international intrigue involving some of the most powerful people in the world.
Stonewall's Head, a Mystery-Thriller